The San Diego County Registrar of Voters oversees the election processes in San Diego County. The first step in conducting a recall is serve a Notice of Intent to Recall to the elected official. On February 1, 2021, the Notice of Intent to Recall was served via certified mail to Trustee Gibson. The next step is to garner enough signatures on the Recall Petition to justify an  election. Area 5 has approximately 26,000 registered voters. In order to move the recall initiative forward to an election, the Gibson Recall Initiative needs 20% or 5,269 signatures on the Recall Petition. Yours is one. Here is how you can submit your name, address and signature to be counted.

You must be registered to vote and reside in Trustee Area 5 to sign the Recall Petition.

Check to see if you are registered to vote in Area 5.

It is important to provide your first and last name, address, and signature,  so that the Registrar of Voters can verify this information matches your voter registration information.

Please note, there is room for additional signatures on each petition. We need to record over 5,200 signatures in order to trigger an election to recall Trustee Gibson. If you know other registered voters in your household, neighborhood or COVID Pod who might be interested in signing the recall petition, you may ask them to sign your petition and submit multiple signees on one document.


  1. Click here to download a copy of the Recall Petition
  2. Print out the Recall Petition.
  3. Provide your
    • First and last name,
    • Address
    • Signature
  4. Submit your original signed petition.
    1. Email us at we@recallgibson.com and a volunteer will contact you to schedule a pick up time
    2. Mail it to: Attention: Recall Gibson Initiative 3525 Del Mar Heights Rd. Suite 721, San Diego CA 92130

  1. Email us at we@recallgibson.com. A volunteer will contact you to schedule a time to pick up your signed Recall Petition
  2. You may also stop by at one of our locations to sign the petition

  1. Email us at we@recallgibson.com and a volunteer will schedule a time stop by to collect your signature
  2. You may also stop by at one of our locations to sign the petition

The SDUHSD Area 5 community has lost confidence in the ability of Trustee Gibson to faithfully represent the best interests of SDUHSD Area 5 taxpayers and students.

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  • Post the Recall Petition in your community
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