The Recall Gibson Initiative was Launched to Remove Kristen Gibson as San Dieguito Union High School District Trustee in Area 5

Trustee Gibson Puts Union Interest Ahead of Students’ Well-Being!

We Initiated the Recall of Board Trustee Gibson Because

Trustee Gibson Puts Teachers’ Union Interests First!

The conduct and voting record of Trustee Gibson demonstrate that she has failed her fiduciary duty to serve students and the taxpayers as a Trustee on the SDUHSD Governing Board. Trustee Gibson has been fiscally irresponsible, approved decisions that disregard students’ best interests, and appears to have a conflict of interest with the San Dieguito Faculty Association (the teachers’ union).  

  1. Refused to support safe school reopening plan
  2. Disregarded students’ request for a letter grade option
  3. Put the interest of the teachers’ union ahead of students’ needs and well-being

  1. The Teachers’ Union was the Sole Source of all Donations to Gibson’s 2018 election campaign
  2. The Teacher’s Union covered 100% of Gibson’s 2018 election expenses
  3. The Teacher’s Union paid 1/2 of Gibson’s $715 2018 campaign filing fee

  1. Approved a $5.2M Chromebook purchase, which should have been allocated per Learning Loss Mitigation Funding guidelines
  2. Approved a 3.5% raise of Superintendent Haley during the pandemic
  3. Rushed to approve an early extension of his contract

For these reasons and more, the SDUHSD community has lost confidence in the ability of Trustee Gibson to faithfully represent the best interests of SDUHSD taxpayers, community, and students.

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